Anarchist dating site

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Anarchist dating site

Bomb attacks are ripping through the world's richest cities: explosions devastate Wall Street, the London Underground, a theatre in Barcelona, cafés in Paris, parades in Moscow.

(For a concise, but more in-depth discussion of his philosophy, check out this article.) It appears then, that he has anarchist intents, does it not?First, there’s the odd issue of his OK Cupid online dating profile.We can’t be certain that the profile, under the presumed pseudonym Harry Harrison, actually belongs to Assange, but this article makes a pretty good case that it does.A group of squatters who have turned a Belgravia mansion into an unofficial homeless shelter have told how they came under attack from masked “fascists”.The Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians occupied the five-story home – believed to be owned by Russian oligarch Andrey Goncharenko – last week.

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A network of violent radicals is picking off the world's leaders one by one.

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