Dating older woman hot new moon

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Dating older woman hot new moon

Surprisingly, some studies have found a link between the moon’s phases and human biology.

For instance, Scandinavian scientists found that 30 per cent of the women studied had their period around the full moon, while Japanese research found more babies were born the closer the moon was to the Earth.

Researchers also found that patients who had an emergency heart surgery during a full moon had shorter hospital stays and were less likely to die than patients who had the same operation during two other moon phases.

Victoria believes so passionately in the theory that, when she eventually decided to leave her husband, a few months after she found out about his affair, she yet again waited until the moon was right. Researchers found that patients who hadheart surgery during a full moon had shorter hospital stays and were less likely to die than patients who had the same operation during two other moon phases‘When I found out about the affairs, I had been living in Dubai with my husband, Steve, a television executive, and our two sons, then three and seven, for five years, after moving there with Steve’s job,’ she says.‘During the first quarter of the moon, I’d carve out time to discuss anything in my relationship, because I knew that talking about important issues around the full moon is a no-no, as things can get heated very quickly,’ she says.‘I’d never accept a first date on a full moon because it’s an incredibly energetic time, your libido is very high.

These women believe that co-ordinating everything, from business meetings and executive decisions to dates and even diets, with the phases of the moon can help them cope with the stresses of modern life — in much the same way some people believe astrology can.

There are thousands of websites that claim to help people plan their day according to the particular point of the lunar cycle, as well as internet forums where women can share success stories of so-called ‘lunar living’.

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