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Dating schwinns

Modern Stingrays -- those made in the 21st century -- have a date code stamped into a specific area of the bike.

For example, a serial number starting with AA means it was made in January 1965, BA corresponds to February 1965, CC corresponds to March 1967, and so on. Distinguish Le Tour or Super Le Tour Schwinn models by looking for the "S" in front of the serial number. The serial numbers will have a letter in the second position representing the month it was produced, and a number in the third position representing the year. Take the date of production gathered from the serial number, the model printed on the bike itself, and the overall visual design and compare it to a Schwinn pricing table like that found at Old

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There's an easy way and a more time-consuming method to find out the year your Schwinn Stingray was made.

The serial number will also indicate when it was made, which can help you estimate the value of the particular Schwinn bike. Those produced after these dates will usually have a serial number stamped on the bottom bracket shell (the rear axle hanger holding the wheel in place). Identify Schwinns produced before 1948 by looking for either of these serial numbers: B12818 or Z12993. Interpret the serial numbers of bikes produced between 19.

Those Schwinn bikes produced before 1959 have no real system to numbering but the serials typically contain six or seven numbers or letters.

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Look below and to the left of the badge to find the serial number.

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