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We’re the only app that actually verifies all our users are female.Too many sites and apps are riddled with guys posing as women, which ruins the experience for most users.

It’s working pretty well so far – we’ve filtered out over a hundred requests from guys. Dattch was designed to run on phones, with super simple profiles, a quick sign-up, and big and easy to view pictures.

Includes an after party with Cosmix Fridays: Electronica/Indie dance music with DJ Greg Haus til 4am!

I’ve found there are many assumptions in dating over 40. Yet when a man has asked, my respect for him goes up considerably. Some of the most awkward moments in dating have been when a man I don’t want to kiss me does so and I have to quickly extricate myself.

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We’re all about getting people on dates and letting them decide what happens next, whether that’s flirting, sex, love, friendship or eternal avoidance – just the same as if you met in a bar.

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