Edmx file not updating

Posted by / 19-Jul-2017 05:12

Edmx file not updating

The problem can be that some predefined databases can have aspects that are awkward to deal with from the software side.

You probably shouldn't model every table in the database all at once. But if you do, you'll lose all of the changes you made along the way.

Jon Smith looks at what tools there are in Microsoft's Entity Framework's Data Access technology that can deal with these requirements.

In many large-scale projects, software developers are often have to work with existing SQL Server databases with predefined tables and relationships.

Pre-existing SQL databases, particularly if complex, can often pose problems for software developers who are creating a new application.

The data may be in a format that makes it hard to access or update, and may include functions and procedures.

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Doing this also meant adding 5 new joins to an already complex query.