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So are we really surprised that sex and dating bots are among the first applications of chatbot technology?While many woes are caused by the proliferation of fake bot accounts on apps like Tinder, the right bots can take your love life to the next level.Without further ado, TOPBOTS is excited to present our “Top 5 Bots To Get You Laid”: Online dating is a chore.Culling through a high volume of potential matches will cause anyone burnout.Prices start at ,500 (£5,200) while more specific creations start at an eye-watering ,000 (£9,600).For those not looking for a sexual encounter, Mr Mc Mullen added that the conversations possible with the AI will not be limited to just sexual topics.The life-like silicon doll is created with a flexible skeleton and requires about 80 hours of work from start to finish, and even has customised genitalia and interchangeable faces.The video features the voice of Matt Mc Cullen, CEO of Real Doll, asking Harmony 2.0: 'How do you feel about sex?

Free directory of 14 sex, erotic and adult chatbots.The artificial intelligence learns and improves from every single conversation.One lazy (or clever, depending on your perspective) OKCupid dater, Schuyler Hunt, hooked a profile up to Cleverbot to automate his messaging and tracked his results on a Tumblr called “Girls Who Date Computers”. Some of Hunt’s conversations are indistinguishable from organic exchanges between two humans.The rest of us have to solve the problem either through sheer force of willpower…or through Cleverbot.Cleverbot is a conversational AI that talks about anything and everything.

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