Gay herpes dating

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Gay herpes dating

So here are some dating tips for the gay men living with herpes.

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Hi all, I've been dating this awesome guy for about a month, and recently he found out he has genital herpes. And also if he has an open wound inside his mouth, open mouth kissing is not a good idea. Thanks, in advance.condom condom condom, if he hasn't already, he should talk to his doctor about medications that can help prevent outbreaks, or limit their severity and/or the frequency in which they occur. even if there are no visible signs of an outbreak, you could still come in contact with the virus, so always use a condom.

it can be passed from the infection site by touching it with a finger, and and then touch that finger to your genital area, anus, or mouth, so make sure to be careful to limit touching durring foreplay too, because unlike most std's its not really based on exchanging fluids So essentially, even if this becomes long term and manogamous, a condom should pretty much be standard equipment. Should I end it now before feelings become stronger?

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It can be hard to be the confident, attractive person that sufferers of herpes know they can be.