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The pair then proceeded to have a conversation speaking the lyrics of the show's famous theme tune.Jimmy and Mark where then joined by Mario, who received the biggest screams from the females in the audience.Meanwhile, Jessie worries about being chosen as class valedictorian, but Screech gets it instead.However, he decides to concede it to Jessie in order to make her hopes of being valedictorian come true.Yesterday saw Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Elizabeth Berkley and Tiffani Thiessen take a trip down memory lane as they headed back to Bayside High School for a hilarious skit.Filmed for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the actors were joined by the chat show host as they reprised their 90's roles, and were even joined by Dennis Haskins who famously played Principal Belding.was Lifetime’s 2014 attempt to cash in on Dustin Diamond’s book and tabloid television.It was pretty generally panned by both critics and audiences, though it had good enough ratings that a biopic for was later ordered.

Dustin Diamond is the first to notice the gaggle of underage girls surrounding the car because of course he is. Dustin Diamond wants to read with this guy auditioning for Zack Morris, who snubbs him because everyone in the world is a jerk except for Dustin Diamond.

I must confess: I was going to review this when it first came out, but it was so painful to get through that I soon gave up.

I figured I’d get around to it eventually when I had nothing else better to do, so here we are, and boy is it bad. We open in Cincinnati in 1990, which neon pink numbers are nice enough to announce to the world in true nostalgia-puke color scheme fashion. Oh, wait, no, that’s “Sharon Harris,” a completely different character who’s nothing at all like Linda Mancuso except fulfilling her role to a “T.” I guess at least the producers of this have more class than Dustin Diamond and choose not to drag the name of a dead woman through the mud. Engel’s not sure he’s the right person for the job, but Tartikoff and “Sharon” convince him to do it, and so we’re off for casting calls without even an acknowledgement that there was an original pilot with different characters because who cares about accuracy.

During last night's reunion, Mario - who played heartthrob A. Slater - took to Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes snaps with fans.

In the pictures, the 41-year-old appears to have not aged at all and wore a black all-in-one leotard and his trademark curly locks for the reunion.

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star Jennie Garth was up for the role of Kelly, but didn’t make the cut.