Norton antivirus 11 mac updating error

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These include Gatekeeper, which blocks any software than hasn't been digitally signed and approved by Apple from running on your Mac without your agreement. Numerous Mac viruses and Mac-specific attacks have been documented.However, there are still risks and from time to time Macs have become targets. But let's be clear, first of all, that Macs are indisputably more secure than Windows PCs.To check basic system information, such as processor speed and available RAM, choose About This Mac from the Apple menu.

Before you install an update, make sure that your system meets the requirements.

Note for OS X 10.2 Users: If you did not choose to run Live Update when installing Norton Anti Virus or Norton Personal Firewall, you may see this error message when you reboot: The program you are using needs to use a system file that may reduce the security of your computer. Then, run Live Update to update both Norton Anti Virus and Norton Personal Firewall. Schedule the anti-virus program to check for daily updates of virus definition files so that your computer will always be able to identify the newest viruses.

You may also want to consider creating a new Weekly scan that will update All Products.

The main preferences file is called "Adobe [Product Name] [Product Version] " On Mac OS, the preference file is found at: /Users/[user name]/Library/Preferences/Adobe [Product Name] [Product Version] Settings/Adobe [Product Name] [Product Version] The user library folder is hidden by default in Mac OS X 10.7 and later. If you need a quick way to reset your preferences, you can do that in many Adobe applications using a keyboard shortcut while launching the product.

Hold CMD-SHIFT-OPTION immediately after you double-click the application icon.

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The Mac operating system is Unix-based, and Unix offers a number of security features built in, like the way that executable code and data is stored in separate folders.

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