Older woman dating younger man called cougar

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She dates younger men as “men my age do not approach me.

Either they are dating younger women as well or not looking for commitments.” Age also is a factor for Fabulousness Jones, a 43-year old self-proclaimed Cougar in St.

Cougars are financially stable and mentally independent women in the 40 age range looking to date younger men.

They are women that look much younger than they are, whether through plastic surgery or staying healthy and being fit, that choose to date younger men for a variety of reasons. Lori Seeber, who was recently dubbed the Queen Cougar of Edmonton, states that most younger men (or as she calls them puppies), “take great care of themselves and go to the gym.” For her the physical attraction has to be there.

The movement has become so significant that it’s been mentioned in several books as well as featured on several talk shows in the US.

There are even dating websites like and which celebrate the pursuit of older women.

It’s been eight years since Newsweek famously proclaimed 2009 as the year of the cougar.

One Cougar interviewed for the piece mentioned that about 75 percent of the relationship she had with her younger boyfriend was based on sex, while the other 25 percent included having fun with someone and exploring something new. Well commitment is never a guarantee no matter the age of either party.

As such, Hildebrandt’s motto is “if it happens it happens.” She is well aware of the risks in dating someone younger (like if he wants to eventually start a family) but she doesn’t let that stop her pursuits.

Demi Moore rocked the gossip mags when she came out of the closet about her relationship to Ashton Kutcher- a man 14 years her junior.

However, today, despite the stigma, the trend of younger men dating older women is on the rise.

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