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At the age of three, the worries of most little girls rarely stretch beyond what outfit to dress their dolls in, and how to ride a bike.

But for Hayley Smith, her third year brought a set of problems most children her age wouldn't even have heard of, let alone been able to comprehend - puberty.

As founder Bobby Henderson says: With millions, if not thousands, of devout worshippers, the Church of the FSM is widely considered a legitimate religion, even by its opponents””mostly fundamentalist Christians, who have accepted that our God has larger balls than theirs.

From Harper's BAZAARBryce Walker is a high school jock who believes every girl in school wants to sleep with him-including Hannah Baker, a bullied classmate whom he sexually assaulted before she took her own life.

This is what happens when every one is given a net connection... but even that can have some positive implications... Some stupid, some weird and some just plain dumb... I tell you when I find how to answer these yahoo answers...

Here are some amazing (of which only 40% can spell) people with special brains that have used Yahoo! Actually the person who asked this actually had a mental problem that which he could not remember stuff for long. A loss of some faith on humanity right on the spot. - swagmaster97 This question is insulting to the Beatles. That wood could've built a birdhouse and you waste it on a shelf?

In fact, the high schooler never gets to more than an enthusiastic first base with any of the classmates she's accused of shacking up with.

So I feel bad for the person who asked this, and all the people on the question itself who answered this actually were serious. - Minecraftcrazy530 Yes he was a baby when he was on The Beatles - Rose Candy Music Help I Accidentally Built a Shelf? Guy is on the internet, blacks out and wakes up with a hammer in his hand and a shelf.

- floridiancat Ya know I don't know I think you might though so maybe you could ask jeeves or something, or maybe you might want to post another question I don't knowhow do you answer this question? It's a well known fact that tortoises have chlorophosphific acid in their saliva, a compound, that for unknown reasons reacts violently with orange juice.

you will have great great great great great grey great great great grand children in about 6 weeks If the baby is a girl - Rose Candy Music How do I type? put one in your rrom on a dark night for light Yes, if it is enchanted by a wizard or witch at Hogwarts with a spell that makes things ridiculsly bright and shiny. Steal the car - Rose Candy Music Why are the holes in cats fur always in the right places for there eyes? - Rock Fashionista You just answered the question dummy!

All you gotta do is yell at the keyboard until it types something Sweet Mother Mary Mc Cartney, you just did to answer that boneheaded question! Put your head on the keyboard - Rose Candy Music My printer won't print properly? If it is, expect to find glowing radars shining out of the screen and glowing. No this is the planet mars - Rose Candy Music Can a dog get pregnant from sperm from a human because when I wasn't home my boyfriend got horny and had sex with my dog and i think shes pregnant...

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