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Sarah’s three sons, aged 17, 15 and 14, were on their devices constantly.She felt isolated and disconnected from them, with no idea what they were actually doing online.Here he investigates…When Sarah came to see me in my mental-health clinic, her story was all too familiar.I’ve come across more and more parents like her in recent months who fear they are losing their teenage children to their online worlds.According to him, the woman continued to insist until he agreed, with one sentence, to perform a sex act with the 14 year old.When he showed up, he discovered it was an undercover sting operation. He’s now labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life.Petersburg, FL, just down the road from Orlando, that houses people who are registered sex offenders.The range of sex offenses causing someone to be registered are many and varied.

Sarah had noticed that Josh had seemed less engaged with family life recently, he’d become surly and was falling behind in his schoolwork, but she had put this down to the dark tunnel of adolescence.

But there is no substitute adjective to describe what happened at our undercover house in Fairfax County, VA, outside Washington, DC.

On day one of the investigation, the very first man to walk in the door was a rabbi.

” Even with the access to condoms, sex education, and birth control why is the United States #1 for Teen Pregnancy?

Promoted on MTV’s website siting confusing information stating, “condoms prevent all Sexually Transmitted Diseases.” MTV’s website also sites that 1 out of 2 sexually active teen and college students have a sexually transmitted disease.

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David Kaye had a good job working for a Jewish organization that brought Jewish kids from across the country to the nation’s capitol to learn about government.

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