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The trial, which should last five days, was set by Judge Nicholas Huskinson for September 4.

However this guide seeks to put that corporate drama aside to explain the hows and whys of using Lyft and Uber, especially for those who haven't yet taken their first ride.Prosecutors also said that she bought her husband a £2,000 Macbook while she worked at the school between January 2009 and August 2013.She had been signed up the Scheme of Delegation and Financial Procedures which gave a list of what can and cannot be bought using the credit card.But travellers who have an Oyster card as well as a contactless payment card are being warned that they could be charged twice if they keep the cards in the same wallet.This happens when the contactless cards overrides a season ticket that is loaded on to their Oyster card.

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If approved by the Tf L board in February, the change would come into force next April, with all cabbies being required to accept card payments from October 2016.

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