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And while the jury is largely out on the use of mild drugs, herbs or even an occasional drink during pregnancy, there just isn’t any room in a healthy pregnancy for drug or alcohol addiction.

This puts a mother who is addicted in a terribly difficult position. Recovery is not something a pregnant woman should slowly transition into – it needs to take place immediately and, in some cases, under the supervision of medical professionals.

Heck, many people who simply have a uterus, and even people who don't have one but have been within 20 miles of one, have experienced fear about potential pregnancy. Scary things feel a lot scarier while hyperventilating, and adding more stress to an already stressful situation only assures you'll feel worse. As you keep reading, be sure to also keep breathing.

Anyone who's been in that terrifying place knows how overwhelming a pregnancy scare can feel. Let's start by first figuring out if you've had a pregnancy risk or not.

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Drinking and using drugs during pregnancy isn’t just dangerous for the fetus, increasing the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth and birth defects, but a mother who uses drugs during pregnancy is likely to lose custody of her child at birth if the infant tests positive for drugs.

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