Radgrid pagesize not updating

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Radgrid pagesize not updating

Page hey i have do this code protected void rg Product Name_Need Data Source(object source, Grid Need Data Source Event Args e) protected void rg Product Name_Update Command(object source, Telerik.

Net app and I have set the Allow Paging to True and Page Size to 10, now it load 10 items per Rad Grid Page which is what I wanted, but as soon as I press Next Page button (Arrow look button) nothing loads and Rad Grid gets empty. protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) private void Populate Grid On Load() protected void grd Name_Need Data Source(object sender, Telerik. Data Source = source ' your datasource type grd Name.

In our application, we have parent and child records that are bound to the grid, and by default, the child records are hidden.

The users only wanted the parent records to be shown in the paging label.

I have adjusted it for my page, it works fine except when paging on the grid with Enable Ajax=True.

When loading the page first time, Resize is called, the grid is resized OK.

I was given the code and told to put it into the Rad Grid Pre Render event.

And that seemed to work, but there was a problem in that we have other code that binds to Link Buttons, and one of the buttons was being rendered improperly by the call to rebind the Rad Grid.

Hello mzn developer, With multiple controls you may consider separating the page into sections using our splitter control and change dynamically the height of the grid by changing its page size. Grid Need Data Source Event Args e) protected void btn Load_Click(object sender, Event Args e) Private Sub Populate Grid On Load() grd Name. Rebind() End Sub Protected Sub grd Name_Need Data Source(sender As Object, e As Telerik. So if I have a total of 20 records, with 15 parents and 5 children, the count should only say 15, the full text of the pager bar being: 15 items in 1 page.I asked for the wisdom of the Telerik forums, which were very helpful.

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However if I put a break point on the line within the IF condition, and in the watch window examine the value of...

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