Sturm ruger dating

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Sturm ruger dating

Using the Nambu's silhouette and bolt system, Ruger produced his first prototype, but lacked the venture capital necessary to fund its introduction.

When potential financial backer Alex Sturm was shown the prototype Ruger had created, he was impressed by its sleek traditional aesthetic and its slight resemblance to the classic nostalgia-evoking Luger pistol.

When it came to designing their first semi-auto pistol, Ruger decided to incorporate the looks of the German 9mm Luger and the American Colt Woodsman into their first commercially produced .22 caliber pistol (see Ruger Standard), which became so successful that it launched the entire company.

Like the 10/22, the Mk II is supported with a wide variety of after-market accessories.

The 22/45 is similar to the Ruger Standard family of pistols but features a different grip angle, that of the Colt 1911 (as opposed to that of a Luger utilized in the Ruger Standard).

Ruger Casting has plants in Newport, New Hampshire and Prescott, Arizona, making ferrous, ductile iron and commercial titanium castings.

Ruger Golf makes steel and titanium castings for golf clubs made by a number of different brands. Ruger breaks down their products into nine categories: bolt-action rifles, single-shot rifles, autoloading rifles, lever-action rifles, shotguns, centerfire pistols, rimfire pistols, double-action revolvers, and single-action revolvers.

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And now, company President Bill Ruger, Jr., himself a motorcyclists, is allowing the situation to deterioate even further.

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