Updating bios software

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Updating bios software

In order to update this low-level software, you normally have to “flash the BIOS“, which will replace the old software with the new version.BIOSMAN provides the same flash programs available on the BIOS websites.To locate other BIOS versions you can try and find the version download by navigating through the links located at Caution: If Bit Locker is not suspended before updating the BIOS, the next time you reboot the system it will not recognize the Bit Locker key.

Also, programming the bootblock will dis- allow you to use the AMI recovery method.

If the recovery key is not known this can result in data loss or an unnecessary operating system re-install.

Your computer's BIOS - Basic Input/Output System - is a chip on the motherboard which contains enough information to allow it to start up before the main operating system begins to load.

To use a command, open a Command Prompt window — press Windows Key R, type cmd into the Run dialog, and press Enter.

Run the following command: You can also find your BIOS’s version number in the System Information window.

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You probably shouldn’t update your BIOS, but sometimes you need to.

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