Updating firmware on hp printer stone clay dating

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Updating firmware on hp printer

The only cable that should be connected to the printer at this time is the power cord.

There might be a problem with either the printer, a communication cable, or the print job itself.

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If the error occurs when the printer is idle or not connected to the network or PC, however, there may be a printer hardware or connection problem.

Sometimes a bad connection with an Internal Network Adapter/Network Card can cause the issue. Troubleshooting: Testing the Printer Hardware Perform the following steps to determine if a service call is required: While the printer/MFP is off, clear any pending print jobs from the computer or the network queue. Yes: Continue to Step 4 or go to Contacting Lexmark.

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This will prevent any corrupted print jobs from being re-sent to the printer/MFP when it is powered back on. No: If the 900 error does not appear on the printer screen, use the printer operator panel to print a menu settings page.