Vb6 screen updating

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Vb6 screen updating

I cannot stop this being visible so have resorted to reducing the opacity to 0 create new controls and then increasing back to 1 (100%).

All of the controls for these (Text Boxes, Labels etc are created dynamically when switching to each view so for exampleu a user switches from Agent view to Project view all Agent controls are destroyed and all Project controls created.

Is there any way to disable screen updating while I build the screen and re-enable when I have finished? Ideally I would like the screen to stay as the old screen while the new controls were being built and then update all at once but this is where I come unstuck. In general it is doing the same thing, but when you suspend it should create and destory as a group. Ah, just incase you don't know a Windows Control Library is just a specialized type of class.

When I started reading more into improving the efficiency of your code I understood what it was for but how much of an effect does Turning off screen updating will only make a difference to execution time if the code interacts with Excel in a way that causes changes to the screen content.

Disabled Enabled 0.61909653 2.105066913 0.619555829 2.106865363 0.620805767 2.106866315 0.625528325 2.102403315 0.625319976 2.0991179 0.621287448 2.105103142 0.621540236 2.101392665 0.624537531 2.106866716 0.620401789 2.109004449 There is one important thing to know about screen updating which I didn’t see in any previous answer.

From my own test I find out that turning screen updating off and on takes about 15ms (tested in C# via Excel Interop).

Screen Updating = True à la fin de chacune des macros appelées, ma procédure de remise à zéro sera figée jusqu'au bout, c'est bien cela?

Je dis peut-être une bêtise, mais j'ai l'impression que ça change de le laisser ou non.

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Keep that on mind if you will execute anything which would take less time.

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