Xap file not updating

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Silverlight applications can be hosted on most types of Web servers, like Internet Information Server (IIS) or Apache.

However, most Web servers are usually configured to serve only a short list of well-known file extensions.

Before running a Silverlight application, you will not find a XAP file in the client bin folder.

Usually the following steps are followed while running a Silverlight application. It contains many files needed to run Silverlight application at the client browser. If you open App file, you will see that the preceding information is provided there.

A very simple change, what could possibly go wrong? I put a breakpoint on the code right where the change is, but when I run the app, the breakpoint is disabled! You would think that deleting the Client Bin xap file would solve it, as the new XAP must come from compiling the Silverlight app, right?

I try Clean build of the Silverlight and the Web host. If you've seen this problem before and have a real solution, please let me know.

I believe it's possible to disable the use of the process (see, for example, LIMPET235's post here), but that won't fix the apparent caching you're also experiencing.

The breakpoints in Silverlight code appear not to work because the VS debugger hasn't attached to any process running the Silverlight code.

Target Audience: Beginners in Silverlight When you start learning Silverlight and create your first Silverlight application, one thing you will notice is a XAP file along with HTML and ASPX files.

The first time after running your Silverlight application you will see a XAP file in client bin folder.

The code below appends the last-write filedate of the Silverlight Application XAP file to the path in the source parametre of the Silverlight object tag.

This will ensure that poorly constructed caching functionality of webbrowsers and proxy servers doesn’t incorrectly use old, wrong builds of the XAP file. Furthermore a check is performed to avoid XAP file path alteration during debugging, this is to allow debugging tools such as Silverlight Spy to continue functioning.

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We use SVN and all work on separate parts of the code, and regularly update the project with latest code. It seems like old versions of the XAP are being cached. Now we occasionally solve it, but are never sure what exactly fixed things, which is not satisfactory.

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